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Gekkobrain Extractors

The Extractor framework

Depending on which kind of data you need to work with in Gekkobrain, you will need an extractor to help you with this task. An extractor is a small piece of ABAP code you will need in your SAP system. We have gathered all Gekkobrain extractors in one transport, in order to make sure that you have all the tools needed in your system. You will need to download a specific transport depending on your SAP release.

How to find the download packages

When you have logged into your Gekkobrain Account, then choose ‘Download Extractor’ in the menu

This will lead you to the download area, where all Gekkobrain pacakges are available.

Which package should I choose

In order to download the Extract Framework, you need to download a package that will match the version of your SAP system.

Depending on which kinds of project you run in Gekkobrain - you should import the following transport:

In order to download the Gekkobrain Codefixer, you need to download the following package:

Where should I upload the transport

The downloaded packages should be uploaded to your SAP Development or Sandbox system.