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Gekkobrain Extractors

The Extractor framework

Depending on which kind of data you need to work with in Gekkobrain, you will need an extractor to help you with this task. An extractor is a small piece of ABAP code you will need in your SAP system. We have gathered all Gekkobrain extractors in one transport, in order to make sure that you have all the tools needed in your system. You will need to download a specific transport depending on your SAP release.

SAP installation

You can monitor any ABAP system in your landscape. Typically you might start up with your ECC system, but you can also target other SAP systems as well. For example if you have a separate HCM, CRM or BI system or even a PI/PO system and if those are ABAP stacks you can set those up as well. The only requirement is that they are have the SAP_ABA application component installed and that the version of SAP_ABA is supported by the extractors. The versions we support is seen in the list of available packages/transport files for download in the download area.

How to find the download packages

You locate the download area in the menu.

Download the appropriate zip-package depending on your SAP version. It contains a co-file and a data file just like a usual externally defined transport.

You add the transport files to your Transportation Management System by adding the 2 files to the /cofiles/ and /datafiles/ subdirectories of your SAP development systems filesystem. Then proceed to import them using transaction STMS. The downloaded packages should be uploaded to your SAP Development or Sandbox system.

Its important to note that none of the extractors that you install needs to be imported to your productive system. Its a flexibility that many appreciate because it allows for the many extractors to be upgraded and deinstalled more easily should you wish to discontinue using Gekkobrains software. Its also normal for customers to start off not transporting the software to production but as a release date for production import comes up, then release the software to production.

There are operational concerns for any SAP installation and Gekkobrain offers this flexibility to adapt to any companys policy regarding third party software.

Not deploying the transports all the way to production means that an RFC connection from Dev to production, your Ops system, is required for the extractor to be able to function. RFC and local mode are detailed later in the documentation.

Which package should I choose

In order to download the Extract Framework, you need to download a package that will match the version of your SAP system.

Depending on which kinds of project you run in Gekkobrain - you should import the following transport: