Table of Contents:

User Guide

Prerequisites needed in the Gekkobrain Cloud

Before you start the extraction of data from your SAP system, you need to prepare the initial steps in the cloud, to receive the data.

How to get an account

In order to get started with a ‘Ready for SAP HANA’, you need to have an active Gekkobrain account and have access to this account as an Account Administrator. If you don’t have an account yet, then you can contact us at sales@gekkobrain.com or contact your Gekkobrain Partner. Then an account will be created, and you will receive the login details in an e-mail.

How to setup your first ‘HANAREADY’ project

Before you can start doing an assessment you need to setup the first project in the Gekkobrain Cloud. A project in the Cloud is always linked to a System-ID (which should match your SAP System-ID) for which you will do the HANA Readiness inspections. You can define multiple systems and projects in Gekkobrain for the same account.

Create a new system in Gekkobrain

  1. In the menu choose ‘New System’
  2. In the form you enter
    1. System-ID for the SAP system you want to inspect
    2. Description for the system
    3. System Type should be set to ‘DEV’
    4. Choose ‘Add New’

Go to the Menu ‘System List’ in the Menu - and you will see the newly created System-ID.

The system you have just created will get an API-key. You will need this API key when you send inspections to your Gekkobrain account.

Create a new ‘HANAREADY’ datasource in Gekkobrain

After you have created a system, the next step is to create a new “HANA Ready” datasource. You will need to link the datasource to the System ID, you have just created in the previous step.

  1. In the menu choose ‘New Data Source’
  2. In the form you enter
  1. Choose ‘Add New’

You have now created a new HANAREADY project in Gekkobrain. Go to the Menu ‘Project List’ in the Menu, where you will see the newly created Project.

Finding the Account-ID in Gekkobrain

The final step you need to go through before you can send the first inspections to Gekkobrain is to get the Account ID. You will need this Account ID, when you start the extraction report in SAP. See FAQ

Install Extractors and setup of the scans

When you have defined the SAP Systems and Datasource in the Gekkobrain cloud, then the next step is to install the Gekkobrain Extractor Framework and setup the scans to send data to the Gekkobrain Cloud.

Use the Installation Guideline

Working with the HANA Assessment

When the Extractor in SAP has completed the transfer of inspections, you are now ready to go. Log into Gekkobrain and see the first assessment of your inspections.

  1. In the menu and choose ‘Project List’
  2. Find the entry with the ‘Project/System id’ you wish to see the assessment for
  3. Choose ‘Project Cockpit’