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Gekkobrain S/4HANA Assessment

When you plan to migrate your SAP system to S/4HANA, you need to adjust your custom code, so it can run on the new Simplified version of SAP. Your custom code will be impacted in two different ways:

The Gekkobrain S/4HANA Assessment will offer you a complete overview of all the Simplification Issues which will impact your Custom Code. When the Assessment is completed we can also calculate an initial estimate of the task to fix all the Simplification Issues found.

The Gekkobrain S/4HANA Assessment tool can also be used to monitor the progress of the Custom Code Remediation, so you easily can track the progress.

Use the Gekkobrain S/4HANA Solution components to group bundles of Custom Code which is relevant to bring to the new system. You can also use the Solution components to group Custom Code which should be decommissioned.

You can import UPL/SCMON information from the productive enviroment, which will make it possible to filter any unused Custom Code from the final project scope.